Sonia's Beauty Color Express was established in June 14 in 1997 and since then we have always been making customers satisfied and happy. We always specialized in color and had a 5 star customer rating. Our success was so influential that Ten employees have left and started their own successful business through the training and leadership of Sonia's Beauty Color Express.


Won First Pride Magazine Hispanic In 2007 For Best Woman Executive of the USA.

Gratitude at the top of her class at Wilfred Academy of Hair Beauty and Culture in Newark New Jersey.  

Voted Elizabeths New jerseys Number One Salon Three Years In a Row.

Has Built and Maintained a Five star Salon For The Past 15 Years.


Our Story

      In 1996 Sonia Reyes was happily married to Jamie Reyes. She had left her home country of the dominican republic , Had  two kids and she didnt have a clue what she wanted to do. One day her sister had a wedding She asked sonia to help her out in doing the make up and hair of all her bridesmaids. Sonia only did hair and make up as a hobby in her house but because of the importance of the wedding she decided to help. All of the bridesmaids that sonia did were beyond perfect and thats when Jamie realized she had a natural born talent of doing hair and make up. The young couple with a 5 year old and two year old need to support their kids so sonia went to Wilfred Academy of Hair Beauty in Newark New Jersey while jaime supported them.  When sonia graduated at the top of her class she started to work in a real hair salon , she fell in love with the business. One day while jaime was doing a part time job to support his family , he saw a salon that was for sale. It immediately hit him that was going to be sonia's salon.  Jaime in financial stress had to go to his brother for help and after week the salon was open and sonia was finally able to realize her dream.  After 8 months the business was fully staff with all the equipment a ruining salon needed. it was a huge success and

The Rest Was History. 


Sonia & Jaime Reyes 2013

Sonia & Jaime Reyes 2013